Tips to store your vehicle while on vacation

Tips to store your vehicle while on vacation

The reasons behind storing your vehicle vary from one vehicle owner to another. You might be out for holidays or you may only like to drive your precious convertible during the summer. Whatever the reason may be, storing the car for long period requires taking some effective measures. Below mentioned are some tips for storing your vehicle if you are going on a leave.

Change the oil
You do not need to follow this step if you are out for only a week or two weeks. If you are planning to leave your home for 30 days or more, you should consider scheduling your oil change. As per recent car news, renowned car manufacturing companies, such as Ford, mentioned that the engine could get damaged due to the contaminants existing in engine oil.

In order to make sure that the engine will be in good condition, you need to check whether oil is clean. Additionally, installing an air filter can cleanse your vehicle and it will be ready to go when you start it after not using it for a long period of time.

Keep your vehicle covered

Storing your car in the garage is the most effective idea as it can protect the car from external elements and damage. Moreover, the car will be kept away from the menacing heat and temperature if it is stored in a garage.

However, if you do not own a garage, you can purchase a weather-resistant cover or schedule for car winterization of your car before you go away on leave.

Keeping the battery charged is important

As per car news reports, any unattended car battery will undergo deterioration of over the course of time. You can hire an auto mechanic at an affordable price or ask your family, friends, or neighbour to come and start the engine for some time every day. Driving around the car for fifteen minutes can keep the car in a good condition, and this would save you from paying a visit to a car mechanic after you return.

You can try and detach the negative battery cable if you cannot get anyone to start your car while you are away. Moreover, you can try and look for a trickle charger or battery tender to keep your battery health in good condition while you are away.

Get rid of flat spots

Before going away, you should check whether the valve tire pressure caps are in the right condition. If you see that the car tires are inflated with the proper pressure, this could prevent the issue of flat spots. The more the tires are pressed down, the chances of developing flat tires get higher.

When your vehicle is stored in the garaged for more than 30 days, the car accessories might start to lose its former glory over the course of time as they would not be used for a long period of time.

You can take the wheels off and place the vehicle on jack stands for the time you are away because it can minimize the chances of the tires being out of shape. Moreover, it can save your money without having to go to an auto repair store.

For seasonal cars, the garage is the best place to store the vehicle because it can be kept in a warm and dry place. However, the problem with the garage is the rodents or dust accumulation can cause possible problems. You should cover up all the holes or small spaces where any rodents can enter. Taking small measures can enhance the safety of your car.

After you return from your leave, do ensure to check the brakes, windshield wipers, fluids, and tire pressure for understanding which components are in a good condition and which ones need to be repaired. Nonetheless, you can go on a vacation without having to worry about your car because no serious damage can occur to it even if the car is left for a long time.