Check out these 7 excellent car wraps

Check out these 7 excellent car wraps

Customizing a car with a completely unique design is not something new. Racers have used different numbers, logos, and designs on their vehicle to get it identified at ease. Many car enthusiasts too have used different types of car decals for bringing a new look on their vehicle. Not only individuals but also many business houses and even educational centers have used these decals to popularize their brands. While many of the car customizations have appeared to be impressive, some of them were really excellent and will retain in the memory of auto lovers for quite a few years.

The Godfather designed car – Though many cars will surely make it to the list of the vehicles with cool wraps, one can never ignore The Godfather decal. With a matte black finish and the image of the Godfather, the car received a completely new look. It was made even more striking with the images of smoke all round the car. Be it the color selection or the graphic quality, this customization certainly speaks of creative brilliance.

Patterned Lamborghini Aventador – The luxury car models of Lamborghini are bound to be head-turners. However, to give their fleet a cool look, the company selected a unique patterned design for Aventador. The white and black combination used in this mid-engine sports car has received accolades from the racers as well as common men. You can also try out this decal on your car or check out other impressive designs.

Pink car of the Ohio Sheriff – While some decorated an old car with different types of car wraps and give it a completely new look within a budget price. There are others who used it to display their creativity or advertise their brands. However, many also used it as a tool for raising awareness about different important issues. One such car is used by the Ohio Sheriff. The pink and black cruiser has subtly raised awareness about breast cancer without making any kind of compromise with the car accessories. Not just the striking color, the breast cancer ribbon and special messages on it have impressed the onlookers.

Maro Engel’s Mercedes-AMG – When it comes to car gifts and car accessories, there are a few that can stand in competition with the one presented by Mercedes. To mark the wedding of Maro Engle, the professional car racer, Mercedes-AMG team gifted him a customized car with some of the best wedding graphics, one can ever use in decals. The couple looked splendid, when they drove away in this all new car from the church.

Colorful support of the Dorset Police – To show their support toward the Poppy Appeal, the Dorset Police got one of their cars colored in red, yellow, blue, and white. The color combination of the car and the artistically designed red poppy flowers on the vehicle has earned praises from many. While the car was used to lead the parade of Weymouth Remembrance Sunday, the design was discontinued after three weeks.

Brad Jones Racing Holden car – When speaking of some of the fastest street cars ever with wraps and other car accessories, one can never ignore the spectacular design used by this Australian Supercars team. The colorful design primarily branded by BJR Holden is meant for supporting the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Though the car has used some of the brightest designs, the company logo and the auto accessories have been kept intact.

Epson Bugatti – If you are looking for a one of a kind car design, you can certainly consider Epson Bugatti in the list. The luxurious design used in this car is hard to imitate and is going to make heads turn even in the upcoming years.

Whether you are looking for auto gifts or car accessories for some of the fastest street cars ever or any other car, you can be creative and make a positive impression. Apart from the complete decals, you can use brake light decals or other car accessories to bring a newness to the existing model.